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          英國摩力士Molyslip是一家具有優久歷史的工業化學品生產商,其產品Molyslip Copaslip,Molyslip Alumslip,Molyslip Foodslip,Molyslip Nickelslip,Molyslip ADF (Air Drying Film),Molyslip AS40 (Anti-Scuff Paste),Molyslip FMG (Food Machinery Grease),Molyslip HSB (High Speed Bearing Grease),Molyslip MLG (Moly Lithium Grease),Molyslip Combat,Molyslip Rusolvent,Molyslip MCC攻牙膏,Molyslip MWF攻牙液行銷全球!

          Molyslip 2001E


          摩力士Molyslip 2001E機油添加劑

          Engine oil supplement with MoS2 for petrol and diesel engines. Reduces wear and temperature, improves performance and fuel consumption. Protects against lubricant starvation.
          Reduce wear on piston rings, cylinders, valves and bearings.
          Lower the working temperature of the oil and water
          Improve fuel efficiency. Independent tests show a reduction in fuel consumption of between 5% and 11%.
          Provide vital support in the event of oil loss
          Increase starting efficiency. Oil takes time to circulate, but Molyslip 2001E becomes a permanent lubricating feature of your engine.
          Boost power, thereby increasing acceleration
          Reduce friction and heat in crawling city traffic where overheating generally occurs. You can actually see your tachometer reading respond to the lower heat and friction.

          Molyslip 50002 Molyslip 2001E - Engine oil supplement
          250ml 瓶裝
          Molyslip 50050 5L 罐裝



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          Molyslip,Copaslip,Alumslip,Foodslip,Nickelslip,ADF (Air Drying Film),AS40 (Anti-Scuff Paste),FMG (Food Machinery Grease),HSB (High Speed Bearing Grease),MLG (Moly Lithium Grease),Combat,Rusolvent,Molyslip MCC攻牙膏,Molyslip MWF攻牙液,impa 450566