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          英國摩力士Molyslip是一家具有優久歷史的工業化學品生產商,其產品Molyslip Copaslip,Molyslip Alumslip,Molyslip Foodslip,Molyslip Nickelslip,Molyslip ADF (Air Drying Film),Molyslip AS40 (Anti-Scuff Paste),Molyslip FMG (Food Machinery Grease),Molyslip HSB (High Speed Bearing Grease),Molyslip MLG (Moly Lithium Grease),Molyslip Combat,Molyslip Rusolvent,Molyslip MCC攻牙膏,Molyslip MWF攻牙液行銷全球!

          摩力士,Molyslip,Molyslip ADF,二硫化鉬抗磨液,Molyslip 14004,Molyslip 14050

          Molyslip 14004



          摩力士Molyslip ADF二硫化鉬抗磨液

          摩力士Molyslip ADF二硫化鉬抗磨液是一種高純的二硫化鉬涂層,可以空氣當中干燥固化。用于一些潤滑油潤滑脂不能使用的地方,例如灰塵比較多,還有齒輪或者導軌的預涂處理。

          MOLYSLIP ADF (Air Drying Film) is pure molybdenum disulphide in an air drying, bonding
          resinate for spray or brush application. It provides lubrication where oils and greases cannot be
          used, e.g. where there is danger of dust contamination, and is excellent for the pre-treatment of
          parts such as gears and slides before assembly. It is also ideal for the lubrication of small

          MOLYSLIP ADF is ideal for pre-assembly treatment. The film prevents scuffing during the initial
          stages of running-in new components. After assembly it provides exceptional, longlasting
          lubrication which gives a considerable reduction in wear and consequently lengthens the life of a

          It is essential that all parts are thoroughly clean, dry and free from oil when MOLYSLIP ADF is
          applied to ensure a good bond. The sub-micron particle size of the molybdenum disulphide used
          in this product (average 0.5 micron) makes it possible to apply an extremely thin film which will
          not interfere with normal assembly tolerances. If components are to be stored before use,
          treatment with MOLYSLIP ADF will inhibit corrosion during the indoor storage period and
          provide immediate lubrication when they are put into use.

          Specific Gravity at 15°C Bulk 0.965
          Aerosol 0.835
          Pour Point (Cold Test) -22°C
          Boiling Point 121°C
          Operating Temperature up to 280°C

          產品編號 產品 包裝規格  
          Molyslip 14004 ADF (Air Drying Film) -干性二硫化鉬抗磨噴劑/抗磨液
          400ml 噴霧罐 12
          Molyslip 14050 5 L 罐裝 4



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          Molyslip,Copaslip,Alumslip,Foodslip,Nickelslip,ADF (Air Drying Film),AS40 (Anti-Scuff Paste),FMG (Food Machinery Grease),HSB (High Speed Bearing Grease),MLG (Moly Lithium Grease),Combat,Rusolvent,Molyslip MCC攻牙膏,Molyslip MWF攻牙液,impa 450566