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          英國摩力士Molyslip是一家具有優久歷史的工業化學品生產商,其產品Molyslip Copaslip,Molyslip Alumslip,Molyslip Foodslip,Molyslip Nickelslip,Molyslip ADF (Air Drying Film),Molyslip AS40 (Anti-Scuff Paste),Molyslip FMG (Food Machinery Grease),Molyslip HSB (High Speed Bearing Grease),Molyslip MLG (Moly Lithium Grease),Molyslip Combat,Molyslip Rusolvent,Molyslip MCC攻牙膏,Molyslip MWF攻牙液行銷全球!

          Molyslip COMBAT A88(5合1潤滑劑)可以分散(干燥)濕氣和水分、滲透到無法進入的地方、潤滑、防止腐蝕、清潔和光亮金屬表面。


          Molyslip COMBAT A88(5合1潤滑劑)

          Combat A88: First Aid for Metal
          Developed to save you time and money, COMBAT A88 cleans, lubricates and protects all metal components and surfaces.

          Cleans dirt, grime, grease etc from metal surfaces 清潔
          Brightens dull, oxide tarnished metals and alloys 光亮
          Disperses moisture and water film from vital electrical circuits 除濕脫水
          Penetrates inaccessible areas 滲透松銹
          Lubricates far more efficiently than other multi-purpose products of this type 潤滑
          Protects against corrosion 防銹
          Contains no PTFE, silicones or resins and will not cause film ‘build-up’不含固體潤滑劑
          Can be used in conjunction with Rusolvent (see below)可以和Molyslip Rusolvent配合使用



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          Molyslip,Copaslip,Alumslip,Foodslip,Nickelslip,ADF (Air Drying Film),AS40 (Anti-Scuff Paste),FMG (Food Machinery Grease),HSB (High Speed Bearing Grease),MLG (Moly Lithium Grease),Combat,Rusolvent,Molyslip MCC攻牙膏,Molyslip MWF攻牙液,impa 450566