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          英國摩力士Molyslip是一家具有優久歷史的工業化學品生產商,其產品Molyslip Copaslip,Molyslip Alumslip,Molyslip Foodslip,Molyslip Nickelslip,Molyslip ADF (Air Drying Film),Molyslip AS40 (Anti-Scuff Paste),Molyslip FMG (Food Machinery Grease),Molyslip HSB (High Speed Bearing Grease),Molyslip MLG (Moly Lithium Grease),Molyslip Combat,Molyslip Rusolvent,Molyslip MCC攻牙膏,Molyslip MWF攻牙液行銷全球!



          摩力士Molyslip FMG Food Machinery Grease食品級潤滑脂符合NSF H1級別的食品級安全潤滑脂。其無毒,不熔,耐受,性能佳。用于食品及藥品生產所使用的生產設備保養維護。Molyslip 21003,Molyslip 21004,Molyslip 21005,Molyslip 21050,Molyslip 21125

          Molyslip FMG


          摩力士Molyslip FMG Food Machinery Grease食品級潤滑脂
          符合NSF H1級別的食品級潤滑脂。其不熔,耐受,性能佳。用于食品及藥品生產所使用的生產設備保養維護。

          MOLYSLIP FMG is NSF H1 registered and meets USDA 1998 H1 guidelines.
          MOLYSLIP FMG is a non-melting, non-toxic, waterproof, high-performance grease. It is registered
          by NSF International for incidental food contact (H1) for use in and around food processing

          This unique grease is made with a specially refined white oil compounded with an inert non-soap
          base and contains an advanced multi-functional additive which gives E.P. and anti-wear properties
          which inhibits both rust and corrosion. MOLYSLIP FMG has been developed to ensure the most
          efficient operation of plant, processing and packaging foodstuffs, with the minimum possibility of
          harmful contamination of the product by the lubricant.

          MOLYSLIP FMG is completely resistant to water and to steam. It is not affected by acids, alkalis or
          by aqueous solutions of most chemicals. The grease resists fruit and vegetable juices and it gives
          protection from brine. It is infusible and has no melting point.
          MOLYSLIP FMG is exceptionally stable and long lasting, so that the application of the minimum
          amount is both economical and reduces the possibility of contamination. It cannot be described as
          truly edible but it is non-toxic and if consumed can only have a mild laxative effect.

          Base Bentone
          Consistency N.G.L.I No 21/2
          Worked Penetration at 25 °C (I.P. 50) 250/280
          Drop Point (I.P. 31) None (Infusible)
          Water Resistance Complete
          Solid Lubricant None
          Working Temperature Range -40°C to 200°C
          NSF International Registration No.133060
          450g tins boxed in 24's, or 400g cartridges boxed in 24's
          5kg tins boxed in 4's
          12.5kg and 25kg kegs and 180kg barrels
          FMG aerosol 400ml boxed in 12's

          Molyslip 21003 Molyslip FMG (Food Machinery Grease)-食品級潤滑脂
          本產品是一種以有機膨潤土為稠化劑,符合NSF H1食品級要求.
          ※符合NSF H1食品級要求
          400ml 噴霧罐 24
          Molyslip 21004 400g 管裝 24
          Molyslip 21005 450g 罐裝 24
          Molyslip 21050 5kg 罐裝 4
          Molyslip 21125 12.5kg 桶裝 1




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