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          英國摩力士Molyslip是一家具有優久歷史的工業化學品生產商,其產品Molyslip Copaslip,Molyslip Alumslip,Molyslip Foodslip,Molyslip Nickelslip,Molyslip ADF (Air Drying Film),Molyslip AS40 (Anti-Scuff Paste),Molyslip FMG (Food Machinery Grease),Molyslip HSB (High Speed Bearing Grease),Molyslip MLG (Moly Lithium Grease),Molyslip Combat,Molyslip Rusolvent,Molyslip MCC攻牙膏,Molyslip MWF攻牙液行銷全球!

          加拿大卡瓦塔能源公司推薦使用Molyslip MPG多用途潤滑脂

          To advise all facilities of a multi-purpose grease that may perform better than standard EP2
          grease in severe application such as refuse grapples, lime slakers, mobile equipment and
          material handling conveyors.

          In applications where low speed greasable bearings are subject to harsh environments, such as
          extreme temperatures (-30 °F up to 425 °F), large temperature swings, submersion in water, dirt
          intrusion and/or heavy loads, grease often softens and leaks from the bearing. The result is
          component wear and sometimes premature failure, all of which increase maintenance costs.

          Recommendations and Procedures:
          Grease containing Molybdenum Disulfide may perform better under harsh conditions, due to its
          unique properties, thus reducing component wear and ultimately reducing maintenance expense.
          This was found to be the case, at the Lancaster facility, which switched from ordinary EP2 grease
          to grease containing Molybdenum Disulfide for their lime slakers, refuse grapples and some
          mobile equipment with excellent results. Because of the improved grease performance, greasing
          frequencies were also able to be reduced.

          Facilities that have experienced greasable bearing failures, excessive wear in equipment
          described above, or spend an inordinate amount of time maintaining grease in equipment, should
          consider switching to grease containing Molybdenum Disulfide. Products such as [Molyslip
          Multi-Purpose Grease] which is offered by Component Parts Ltd. (in the U.S. and Molyslip
          Canada Inc. in Canada) and is being used at the Lancaster facility, have proven to work well in
          many applications. This grease contains Molybdenum Disulfide with a bentone non-melt base
          containing no soaps. This product claims not to soften under heavy working conditions over its
          entire operating range. It also exhibits resistance to water, alkaline solutions and most acids.
          These properties allow the grease to maintain longer more effective lubrication. Please see the
          attached product data sheets for additional information or visit the website www.mrmoly.com (or
          www.molyslip.com in Canada).

          The subject matter and recommendations associated with this Bulletin were contributed by Kevin
          Connor of the Lancaster Facility and Scott Cooperman of the Fairfield operations department.


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